GM LS Transplant Kit - EZ-EFI Engine Kit

Provides GM LS Applications w/ the Easiest, Most Advanced Self-Tuning EFI Available

INCLUDES: Multi-Port EZ-EFI®, XIM™ Ignition Controller, Sensors, & Harnesses

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The Engine Kit combines the revolutionary self tuning EZ-EFI® with the bolton XIM™ Coil-Per-Cylinder Ignition System to provide LS applications with the easiest, most advanced self-tuning electronic fuel injection system available.

Engine Kit Includes:

  • EZ-EFI® Multi-Port w/ All Needed Harnesses & Connection Cables For GM LS Fuel Injection

  • XIM Coil-Per-Cylinder Ignition Controller w/ Everything Needed For Full GM LS Ignition Control

  • Sensors: Wide-Band O2, MAP, Coolant Temp, & Air Temp

  • Chrome FAST™ EZ-EFI® badge